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— 6 december 2018

When Barney woke up Lucas was already behind the computer. Lucas asked him to sit down… He was looking at the adoption procedure. Barney was a bit shocked. He didn’t thought about it yet. Lucas told him he wanted to be prepared for when he was. Barney later invited over the director of the commercial he would be shooting later today to get some tips on his performance. Not that he felt he needed some tho….


More celebrities! Barney gave one a picture of himself and with the other one he started to preform to get everyone’s attention! He came home late and Lucas already got home. When they went to bed Saffron and Indigo came to visit.

Jase looked over to Lexi. She was waiting until he finished his first bite.

Jase: Look at her… hahaha she really tried hard on this. I better say it’s good. Or do I joke about it? Well I kinda want to be honest. 
Jase: Wow…
Lexi: Are the good? 
Jase: I have to say the taste is good… but maybe a little less crunchy next time *sticks up his tongue*
Lexi: Crunchy? Wait did I…. *takes a bite* *crunch cruch* OH MY GOD! Hahahaha I’m so embarrassed. 
Jase: Hahaha yeah maybe a bit less eggshells next time. Or should I just cook? I like to cook. 
Lexi: Yeah maybe a good idea….
Jase:  Aaah you are getting red cheeks. Nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s cute. *smiles*

Their eyes met and they just looked at each other with a smile on their face. Jase could feel his heart speeding up. He quickly jumped up.

Jase: I’ll clean up, you just sit tight.
Lexi: Okay… Uhmm
Jase: Yeah… 
Lexi: I uhm… well uhmm.. Thank you.
Jase: No problem I clean up at home all the time.
Lexi: Ah okay… But uhm.. I meant for earlier… *blushes*
Jase: Earlier? *looks up and sees her blushing* Oh that… It was my pleasure milady. I didn’t think you would let me do that.. I expected a smack in the face to be honest.
Lexi: I just… it felt good. And well soft… I don’t know how to explain. But just thanks.
Jase: *blushes* You don’t need to explain. I feel the same. *smiles* So uhmm… Plans for today?
Lexi: I have a gig tonight. So need to prepare for that. Might be a bit boring here for you then.
Jase: Boring with you? Never. But I do have to go home. I need a change of cloths and yell at Sonia for using my bed… hahaha As for tonight. I have a meeting with the knights club. But maybe we can come to your gig?
Lexi: Knight in a Nightclub… I like to see that. Do you know who all of them are btw?
Jase: No, just their knight names. Why?
Lexi: Just wondering.

— 5 december 2018

He continued the scene and asked if it helped. And well she couldn’t keep her eyes of of Barney after… (oh no….) Barney invited all his siblings over to show Del Sol Valley. But when he bumped into a real celebrity he was like: ugh… I’m way better…



so as this post says, if you’r finding your blog is all jumbled, old posts popping up to the front, new posts not showing up at all, etc it is because of those posts being flagged and then unflagged. all you have to do is open them to edit and save them again and they’ll go back. 

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